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Intellectual Property

Practice Contacts

Advocacy* is at the core of Lenczner Slaght’s intellectual property practice. We do intellectual property trials, and we do a lot of them. Our clients have some of the most valuable IP in the world, and we protect it successfully. Our lawyers have acted on some of Canada’s leading patent trials. We know the ins and outs of litigating cases under the PM(NOC) Regulations. And we routinely work with lawyers on cross-border matters involving IP rights in different jurisdictions. Because of that broad experience, we offer advocacy down to§ an art in patent cases. That’s why our clients trust us. We’re successful advocates not just because our lawyers have the scientific backgrounds necessary to understand the most complicated technologies. It’s also that we know how to simplify those complicated concepts for judges. In addition to our patent work, our lawyers have also litigated copyright, trademark, and trade secret disputes. We understand the IP landscape down to a science : it’s what our clients insist on, and it’s what our lawyers provide. In addition to a team with substantial trial expertise, our IP group draws on a former judge of the Supreme Court of Canada, who authored many of the leading IP law decisions in Canada. Together, our lawyers provide clients with strategic advice when potential litigation is on the horizon, and exceptional representation – when necessary – at trial..

At Lenczner Slaght, we recognize the vital importance of intellectual property in a complex and fast-moving global marketplace.

We have extensive courtroom experience representing clients in all types of intellectual property matters in proceedings before the Federal Court, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Ontario Superior Court, the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. Our lawyers have also litigated IP cases in the US, and we regularly represent US-based corporations on the Canadian aspects of disputes that span multiple jurisdictions. In addition, Lenczner Slaght’s success in negotiating favourable commercial outcomes in litigation matters extends to the resolution of technically sophisticated IP disputes on behalf of our clients.

Our lawyers have acted on some of Canada’s leading patent trials. We also have extensive experience litigating cases under the PM(NOC) Regulations for our pharmaceutical clients. In addition to our patent work, our lawyers have also litigated trade secret, copyright, trademark, competition law, confidential information and misleading advertising disputes. From seeking or fighting injunctions on the use of trademarks to arbitrations involving IP licensing contracts to complex drug product litigation, our lawyers have acted as advocates on the full range of intellectual property matters. We also advise clients on complicated issues at the intersection of intellectual property and competition law.

Our clients include national and multinational companies from a wide array of industries and sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, information technology and software, communications and the Internet, agriculture and aquaculture, manufacturing, nutraceuticals, fashion and design, music recording/distribution, broadcasting and internet communications, medical devices and mining.