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Class Actions

Commercial Litigation
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Best-in-class* lawyers are essential for companies facing class actions. That’s why some of the world’s leading companies turn to us when they face class proceedings in Canada. We have nationally ranked litigators with knowledge and experience in arguing of class actions, from certification through trials. While we have the experience to contest trials, our experience and reputation has given us success in defeating or narrowing actions at the earliest stages, to the benefit of our clients. We offer extensive class action§ expertise across the spectrum of proceedings and for clients in any industry: it’s what has earned us our clients’ trust. Our lawyers have acted in virtually every type of class action, including securities cases, price-fixing conspiracy class actions, product liability matters, professional negligence cases, and employment matters. We have has defended many of Canada's most closely-watched class action lawsuits over the past two decades. It’s how we provide such a depth of experience : as one of the only firms in Canada to have repeatedly litigated on behalf of defendants at the trial level, we provide our clients the confidence to know their case is in good hands. That experience also means our lawyers have the judgment to think creatively, pursuing novel strategies to benefit our clients’ interests. Together, these traits have led to Lenczner Slaght’s reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced firms in defending class actions..

A Canadian leader in class actions, Lenczner Slaght is one of the only firms in the country to have repeatedly litigated on behalf of defendants at the trial level. Our lawyers' class actions expertise has been sharpened through hands-on experience in a wide range of complex and technically demanding proceedings.

Our firm has defended many of Canada's most closely watched class action lawsuits over the past two decades. For example, we successfully represented Danier in Kerr v Danier Leather Inc – from the outset of the action through to the groundbreaking decision at the Supreme Court of Canada. We also acted for Inco in a mass tort class proceeding, both in the original trial and on appeal.

It’s that experience that has led to our lawyers being repeatedly recognized by various organizations as leaders in the class action bar.

Class Action Litigation Areas

Our nationally ranked litigators have represented Canadian and international clients across the spectrum of class action proceedings, including:

  • antitrust and competition act matters
  • consumer claims
  • deceptive and unfair trade practices
  • employment disputes
  • environmental issues
  • financial services
  • health and medical malpractice
  • insurance matters
  • mass torts
  • misleading advertising
  • negligence claims
  • pensions and employee benefits
  • product liability
  • securities and shareholder rights

Our Class Action Clients

The clients we've represented as defendants in class action litigation include:

  • accounting firms
  • banks
  • financial advisors
  • insurance companies
  • investment banks
  • management consultants
  • manufacturers
  • mining companies
  • pension fund managers
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • retailers

Extensive International Experience

Lenczner Slaght's class action work often spans international boundaries as a growing number of claims are launched in multiple jurisdictions. We advise clients based in the US, Europe, Asia and elsewhere on Canadian class action law as it pertains to international proceedings. We focus particularly on cross-border litigation between Canada and the US, whether handling Canadian aspects of actions initiated south of the border or pursuing related actions in Canada that involve identical or similar claims.

Expert Strategy

At Lenczner Slaght, we help clients respond to the daunting challenges of class actions with rigorous legal groundwork, innovative thinking and carefully planned litigation strategy. Our lawyers are accomplished courtroom litigators, admired by their peers for the knowledge and skills they bring to complex commercial cases.

Class action litigation can be expensive and time-consuming for all parties – particularly the companies and individuals against whom actions are brought. To reduce the burden of litigation and minimize long-term costs, we focus our efforts on defeating an action at an early stage, primarily by challenging attempts to certify it as a class proceeding. At this key certification stage, there are many opportunities to narrow the parties and issues raised in the litigation and, in some cases, bring it to a conclusion. Lenczner Slaght's reputation and courtroom skills enable us to make the most of these opportunities – to the benefit of our clients.

If a class action is certified, we have the experience to skillfully guide clients through the next steps. Our lawyers have litigated some of the leading common issues trials and appeals. Whatever path the litigation takes, our team has the experience and judgment to find the best solutions for our clients.