June 6, 2017

Challenge to Indians' Chief Wahoo case moves forward in Toronto

Paul-Erik Veel and Rebecca Jones were quoted in the USA TODAY Sports article Challenge to Indians' Chief Wahoo case moves forward in Toronto on June 6, 2017 regarding the recent Ontario Human Rights Tribunal green lighting the discrimination case against Cleveland major league baseball team name and logo.

“From our standpoint, our client is not asking for something that’s impractical,” Paul-Erik Veel, one of the lawyers who represent Black Foot elder Douglas Cardinal in the court action. “They have uniforms that don’t use the particular logo and simply have the name “Cleveland” and a "C" on them already.”


“There is a lot of support for this,” said Rebecca Jones, another partner at the law firm Lenczner Slaght representing Cardinal. “We have had the Not Your Mascot movement in Ontario and I think recognizing things need to change is long overdue.”